I am the head brewer at McLeod’s Brewery in Waipu, New Zealand.

These are my personal observations and opinions, and not necessarily the views and opinions of McLeod’s brewery partners and customers.

I am writing these mostly for myself. I wanted a place where I could log my observations and experiences with others in my industry. A place where I could have a reference for going back to, a  window to view my past experiences.

I also forget a lot these days, and I get quietly depressed, as do many. I have been through a rather traumatic brewing accident in late 2016. It has left me a bit beaten down. To help I look for inspiration everyday to get past the pain and side effects. Thinking about brewing helps me. This outlet for me, is a reminder to myself of what I am doing, what I am trying to accomplish. It also humbly reminds me, that is about those people around me, my colleagues, friends, customers, family and peers that help me stay passionate and enthusiastic about what I do.

There are grammatical errors and possibly incorrect references, sorry I am not a professional writer. I am an opinionated passionate brewer. The brewing information will be as accurate as possible, but the dialog is just me rambling, don’t be offended.